Johny Pitts: What it means to be Afropean

Growing up in Sheffield to a white working-class mother and African-American father, author Johny Pitts found it difficult to relate with those around him.

"Where I grew up was right where they filmed The Full Monty," Johny told ITV News.

"The Full Monty’s fine and everything but it completely cut out the notion of this multiculturalism that was in the area."

It wasn't until he travelled around Europe that he discovered a network of people with similar stories of a lost identity.

Johny said: "I wanted to play with the sort of blur of identity of feeling of and not of Europe."

The term Afropean - meaning of both Africa and Europe - inspired his book of the same name.

Johny explores the diaspora in search of feeling unhyphenated, documenting his journey through stunning black and white photographs.

With plenty of stories to share - from protesters in Paris to West African students making Moscow their home - Johny hopes his work will act as a travelogue for others.

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