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Three dead and players injured as riots erupt before Honduran football game

Three people were killed and at least 10 others injured after riots broke out before a football match in Honduras.

Fights erupted after Olimpia fans attacked the Motagua team bus making its way to the stadium in the capital of Tegucigalpa on Saturday, wounding three players.

Motagua football club posted a video on their social media, showing the extent of the damage to their team bus.

Three players were injured in the incident. Credit: Twitter/ @MOTAGUAcom

Stones were thrown at the Montgua team bus, sending shards of glass towards the players in the bus. The Ultra-Faithful Olimpia fan club has been blamed by Motagua for the attack.

“This has to be severely sanctioned by the corresponding authorities,” the Motagua club said in a tweet. “Reprehensible and lamentable,” it added in another tweet.

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Three players - Emilio Izaguirre, Roberto Moreira and Jonathan Rougier - were taken to hospital with facial wounds, Motagua said.

The ministry of security said those who attacked the bus wore kits of the rival Olimpia team.

Players had to go to the hospital following the incident. Credit: Twitter/ @MOTAGUAcom

Police launched tear gas to quell the violence and fans ran on to the field.

National Police said they arrested a suspect with guns who allegedly participated in the riot.

“Fans from both teams staged a confrontation outside the stadium, so police proceeded with the use of dissuasive means to control the situation,” police said in a statement.

Pictures posted online by Montgua show the damage to the team bus. Credit: Twitter/ @MOTAGUAcom

“We regret these situations and I call on the fans of Olimpia and other teams in the National League to avoid performing these acts which damage soccer,” said Olimpia president Rafael Villeda.

The National Football League has been suspended after the incident. Around 20,000 fans were due to attend the game.

Olimpia's club president told the press he would meet with the National League and Motagua to resolve issues about the game.