'No time to muck about': Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson says passing a law to stop no-deal Brexit is the only solution

Jo Swinson has said a meeting of opposition leaders should focus on how to stop a no-deal Brexit - and again insisted any talk of Jeremy Corbyn becoming acting prime minister was a waste of time.

The Liberal Democrat leader said what was important was to drill down on potential solutions that work.

"I don't want to spend time mucking about on ideas that aren't going to fly because we don't have time," she told ITV News said.

Ms Swinson said the Labour leader Mr Corbyn did not have the support to become acting prime minister, so the meeting should concentrate on ideas that could actually work.

The talks, organised by Mr Corbyn, are due to take place on Tuesday.

Jeremy Corbyn has called a meeting of opposition leaders. Credit: PA

MPs across the political divide, including Conservatives, are expected to meet at Church House in Westminster where they will sign a declaration opposing any suspension of parliament and promise to form an alternative Commons, ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand understands.

All opposition political leaders are expected to attend the Tuesday meeting and the MPs attending have already written to Boris Johnson demanding the end of the summer recess and recall of Parliament.

The meeting follows reports the prime minister is taking legal advice on proroguing Parliament.

Ahead of them, Ms Swinson told ITV News: "The first thing that we need to be discussing is a legislative approach, how we can pass a law to prevent a no deal Brexit.

"That should be number one on the agenda."

But, if that is not possible, she said, then the Opposition leaders should examine the case for a vote of no-confidence, or even an emergency government.

Despite previously stating that Mr Corbyn is not the man to lead any government of national unity, she said Tuesday's meeting was necessary.

She also called for him to clarify his own stance on whether he wanted to reverse Brexit.

Ms Swinson suggested that any interim government which took office following a vote of no confidence in Mr Johnson should be led by a figure who could command support across the Commons - something she said Mr Corbyn would not be able to do.

Ken Clarke has said he would be willing to lead a unity government. Credit: PA

In a letter to Mr Corbyn sent ahead of the meeting, the Lib Dem leader said an emergency government formed after a successful no confidence vote "must have the majority support required to request and secure an Article 50 extension" to delay Brexit beyond October 31.

But many MPs opposed to a no-deal Brexit, in particular "key Conservative MPs", have rejected Mr Corbyn as the leader of a caretaker government.

She warned the Labour leader: "Insisting you to lead that emergency government will therefore jeopardise the chances of a no confidence vote gaining enough support to pass in the first place."

Ms Swinson said veteran MPs Tory Ken Clarke and Labour's Harriet Harman had indicated they would be willing to lead an emergency government.