Spain hit by severe weather as hailstorms and tornadoes cause flash floods and travel chaos

Tornadoes, hailstorms and flash floods have hit parts of Spain causing damage to power lines and travel chaos.

Heavy rain and hail turned parts of Madrid into cascading rivers while tornadoes ripped through the town of Campillos, in the Málaga region on Monday.

Flash floods and mudslides caused the closure of one of Madrid's train lines, cutting off the Arganda del Rey district from the rest of the Spanish capital.

The day-long storm also caused flight delays while several roads were closed.

Spain's meteorological agency saying it registered more than 9,000 bolts of lightning in six hours.

Hail stones were seen piled up on the pavements as cars navigated the flooded roads.

The tornadoes Campillos, 300 miles (500km) south of Madrid, caused damage to power lines and olive groves in the area, according to local reports.