Go Compare advert draws complaints over 'insensitive' car crash scene

Insurance search engine Go Compare is facing criticism and a series of complaints over its latest advert, which features a car crashing into a tree.

The firm, known for its commercials featuring a tenor singing the brand's name, shows the vehicle hitting a fallen tree at speed before flipping over.

The brand's ambassadorial opera singer then crawls from the upturned car, singing "Go Compare".

The advert has attracted criticism from road safety charity Brake!, which called it "a serious misjudgement" and it claimed "trivialises" the deaths of people on British roads.

Figures previously published by the AA indicate one in twelve road deaths are connected to fallen trees.

In response to the criticism, Go Compare defended itself, saying: "We are highlighting how the unexpected can happen and how good quality insurance is essential.

"The ad is based on a real-life insurance claim, but we appreciate all feedback and will pass yours on to the relevant team."

The company told ITV News in a statement: "It’s certainly never our intention to cause offence or distress and we are taking all feedback seriously.

"Like all TV ads, ours has gone through the advertising industry approval process and was cleared for broadcast before it aired."

Go Compare's latest advert faces a car crash to promote insurance. Credit: Go Compare

The Advertising Standards Agency said it had received "over 70 complaints so far about the Go Compare ad," by Thursday morning.

It added: "The general nature of the complaints is that the ad is offensive and distressing, with many complainants referencing the insensitivity of the ad towards victims and families of those affected by road traffic accidents."

Despite the number of complaints, it said it was too early to make a decision on whether it will take action against Go Compare for the advert.