American B2 stealth bomber joined by RAF F35s in flight over Britain as part of USAF deployment to Europe

Two British F35s and an American B2 bomber wing-to-wing for the first time.

Invisible to radar, they usually operate out of sight, capable of striking an enemy target without warning.

ITV News was given exclusive access to an American Air Force refuelling tanker.

Such is the sensitivity around the stealth bomber that the in-air filming had to be done by a US military camera team.

Just 10 feet apart while they refuel, this is precision flying and it's dangerous. It’s unnerving, especially if, like me, you are used to commercial flying where planes go out of their way to keep apart.

Three B2 bombers have been deployed for two months to RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire. It’s the longest amount of time they’ve ever been here in the UK - and they come with a message.

They won’t name Russia specifically, but when talking about “malign” forces in the region it is clear who they mean.

The B2 bomber flanked by two RAF F35s. Credit: RAF

With global security in a constant state of flux, a deployment of US stealth bombers to the UK is being seen as a reminder to those who threaten the West of the firepower available to the military here.

America is always watching, and as Russia have been increasing their military presence in the Arctic region, so the US responds. The threat they believe comes from Russia informs part of the US mission in Europe.

Even though the B2s are only here for two 2 months, they want Russia to take note.