Cricket team batting for new world record for longest ever cricket match

Some cricket matches can sometimes feel never ending, then how about a hundred and forty one hours - and counting.

By the time they’re finished on Saturday afternoon, the village players of Blunham, near Bedford, will have bowled more than 12,000 balls, scoring 7,000 gruelling runs.

Play has continued, night and day, since last Saturday, through a heatwave, a hail storm and even torrential rain - but the balls kept coming.

Connor Heaps, Captain of Blunham Cricket Club told ITV News the reason behind the epic match is "madness, just sheer madness".

"It's a big strain on the body but I think that the hardest thing people have found is mental side of things.

"The lack of sleep."

Connor Heaps is one of those who has been playing in the long match. Credit: ITV News

Players say, if anything, the weather provided some light relief from the monotony of continuous cricket.

Dan Coverdale, a cricketer taking part in the match, said: "On Tuesday when the hail was falling down, it was literally stinging the back of your head."

His dedication to the match was clear, as he had to dart off mid-interview to catch a ball.

Much of that support is off the field – from the volunteers who’ve prepared the more than six hundred meals the players have scoffed during short breaks.

Each team has an extra player, to allow one to have a nap in a tent beside the pitch.

The team need to play to 10pm on Friday night to set a new world record. Credit: ITV News

And their kit? that’s being washed on a rota, by their mums.

Sam Jewers is a volunteer supporting the teams.

She said: "We've been emptying bins, making sure there's water in the buckets - iced water.

"And trying to keep the changing rooms in some sort of order."

But if they keep going past 10pm on Friday night, the team will break a world record.

And for that, the test - in every sense of the word - will be worth it.