96-year-old Second World War veteran ‘breaks Scuba diving record’

Ray Woolley Credit: AP

A 96-year-old British Second World War veteran said he has broken his own world record as the oldest Scuba diver.

Ray Woolley set the record on his 96th birthday on Saturday at the popular Zenobia wreck off Cyprus’s southern coast.

Event sponsor Larnaca Municipality said Mr Woolley reached a depth of 42.4 metres (137.8ft) for 48 minutes.

Mr Woolley dived at the Zenobia wreck at the southern coast of Larnaca. Credit: AP

Mr Woolley, who was joined by 47 other divers, said he is hopeful that he will be in good health next year for another record bid.

The 96-year-old aims to keep diving until he reaches 100.

His dives are chronicled in the documentary Life Begins At 90.

Mr Woolley plans to break his own record again next year. Credit: AP

The 174-metre (571ft) ferry Zenobia which was carrying 108 trucks capsized and sank off Larnaca in 1980.

Larnaca Municipality said the ferry is rated as one of the world’s five best wrecks for diving.