'We didn't vote to leave without a deal': Michael Gove no-deal Brexit quote written in the sands can be seen from Space

Michael Gove’s previously pledged opposition to a no-deal Brexit has been imaginatively drawn to the public's attention with a beach creation that can apparently be seen from Space.

Anti-Brexit campaigner Led By Donkeys carved out an image of the leading Brexiteer in the sands of Redcar, Yorkshire alongside his quote: "We didn’t vote to leave without a deal."

Mr Gove, who holds the position of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in Boris Johnson's Cabinet, made the promise in an article written for the Daily Mail in March as he urged Tory MPs to back Theresa May's Brexit deal.

He has faced criticism following his support for Mr Johnson’s decision to prorogue parliament.

Drone footage showed the finishing touches being put to the beach drawing, which measures 7,500 sq metres, as waves lapped in.

Led By Donkeys, which was formed in December 2018 by four remain supporters, wrote on Twitter: "Hey, Vote Leave leader Michael Gove, remember in March you admitted there’s no mandate for No Deal cos nobody voted for it in the 2016 referendum? We thought we’d remind the country via a 7,500 sq/m sand installation on Redcar beach that can be seen from space. You’re welcome."

Michael Gove and Boris Johnson led the Vote Leave campaign. Credit: PA

Writing in the Daily Mail in March, Mr Gove had said: "Some may say that ditching (Theresa May's negotiated) deal will allow us to leave without any compromises.

"But we didn’t vote to leave without a deal. That wasn’t the message of the campaign I helped lead. During that campaign, we said we should do a deal with the EU and be part of the network of free trade deals that covers all Europe, from Iceland to Turkey.

"Leaving without a deal on March 29 would not honour that commitment. It would undoubtedly cause economic turbulence. Almost everyone in this debate accepts that."

Yet speaking on Sunday, Mr Gove refused to confirm whether the Government would abide by legislation blocking a no-deal Brexit if it is forced through by Tory rebels and opposition this week.