Jack Leach on becoming England's bespectacled cult hero after Ashes third Test victory

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Juliet Bremner

Being part of the last stand alongside Ben Stokes in the third Ashes test was "great", but "a bit nerve-wracking", Jack Leach has said.

Ben Stokes'innings of the century, which allowed England to level the series with a razor-thin margin of one wicket wouldn’t have been possible without Leach, the bespectacled 28 year-old spin bowler who scored a heroic single wicket.

Throughout the game, Leach survived at the wicket long enough for vice-captain Ben Stokes to smash out 135 runs and win the match, levelling the Ashes score to a draw of 1-1.

Jack Leach (left) celebrates the third Test win with Ben Stokes. Credit: PA

The 28-year-old spin bowler – numbered 11 in this year’s series – has become somewhat of a cult hero after this feat.

“I guess the glasses and sort of touched on the fact that I look like the village idiot out there, and that’s what people warm to a little bit I guess,” he told ITV News.

“I’m just being myself, doing what I’ve done at every other level I’ve played at and hoping that works at international cricket.”

However, England’s win could be dampened by the fourth Test, as Australia’s Steve Smith - widely regarded as the best batsman in the world - is returning after recovering from his concussion.

The fourth test at Old Trafford begins September 4.

And in the words of Leach, it will "all count for nothing" if England don't take the coming test.