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81-year-old shopkeeper not frightened by robber she fought off with walking stick

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Ben Chapman

A plucky 81-year-old shopkeeper wished she had grabbed “something harder” when she fought off a robber with her walking stick.

June Turner, who was minding Hanley’s AJ and J Newsagents early on Tuesday morning, was confronted by a man draped in a blue blanket and demanding cash.

Unmoved by the robber, Ms Turner said she could only see his eyes and told him he could not have any money.

The robber was met with a feisty 81-year-old. Credit: CCTV

“I was after the panic button, couldn’t find it and was being frustrated.

"So I was pulling his shirt first and then I got my stick from around the corner and I hit him really hard.

“It’s funny he didn’t break a bone in his body.”

Asked if she was frightened, she told ITV News: “No, no I wasn’t.

"I got worked up more than anything and I thought: 'Oh I wish I’d got something harder to hit him with'.”

June Turner said she can only see his eyes. Credit: CCTV

Despite Ms Turner’s resistance, the man grabbed £50 and an arm-full of cigarettes before pushing her to the floor and fleeing.

Her son, Alan, said he messed with the wrong shopkeeper.

“He didn’t get what he wanted when he came in here and that is what she’s like and she will just tackle anybody regardless of size, weight, she’d just go in there and thin about it after.”

June Turner was pushed onto the floor. Credit: CCTV

Police say they have arrested and released a man pending further enquiries.

Ms Turner, who has worked at the shop for 45 years, hopes her actions will convince other would-be assailants to pick on someone their own age.