Kent couple smash their way into 2020 Guinness World Records

Lisa Pitman, one half of a power-breaking world record-holding couple, joins a number of new entries in this year’s Guinness World Records Credit: Paul Michael Hughes/Guinness World Records 2020/PA

A Kent pair dubbed the world’s most powerful couple and a sky-diving London magician have made it into this year’s Guinness World Records.

The power-breaking Pitmans – who smashed more than 500 pine boards with their bare hands in one minute between them – join a whole host of other new title holders in the 2020 edition of the book of extreme feats.

Lisa, 45, and Chris, 49, a husband-and-wife team, and 31-year-old magician Martin Rees – who performed the most magic tricks (11) in a single skydive – are among the UK representatives in this year’s list.

All three have previously featured on Britain’s Got Talent.

Speedy shed driver Kevin Nicks, 54, from Gloucestershire also makes it into the this year’s records, zipping along at more than 80mph in the “fastest garden shed”.

Hula-hooping her way into the record books, Getti Kehayova, 42, from Las Vegas, proved no challenge was too big by spinning a 17ft titanium hoop, the largest ever twirled by a female.

Members of the public interested in trying out some of the activities or seeing the weird and wonderful attractions can now book experiences for the first time, after organisers this year teamed up with Airbnb to offer “masterclasses” from the world record holders themselves.

Getti Kehayova spun a 17ft titanium hula hoop to ensure her place in the Guinness World Records Credit: Peter Gaunt/Guinness World Records 2020/PA

Previous records, such as the most expensive milkshake, served in New York in a Swarovski crystal embellished glass and setting thirsty punters back 100 US dollars (£83), as well as the largest collection of troll dolls and memorabilia – more than 22,000 kept in a quirky museum in Ohio – feature among the experiences offered.