Acting Prime Minister: Chuka Umunna on his 'messy' year, the reason Change UK failed and why he now feels 'liberated'

The latest guest to take power in the new series of the ITV News podcast Acting Prime Minister is Chuka Umunna.

The pro-Remainer has had a whirlwind year after leaving Labour as a leading part of the independent breakaway before ditching Change UK for the Liberal Democrats in the aftermath of the European Elections.

His conversation with ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand came on the day he confirmed his intention to stand on "Boris Johnson's doorstep" by bidding for the flagship Tory central London seat The Cities & Westminster at the next election.

But the 40-year-old was happy to take a wider look at his life in politics, his "messy" year and outline his plans for power if he achieved his childhood ambition of being given the keys to Number 10.

Watch above or listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why he believes traditional party politics is over but team ethics rule

  • The photo of the 20th Century's "greatest orator" he would use as inspiration

  • Why he always wanted to be PM but now feels "liberated"

  • How he feels about his "messy" year in three parties

  • Why the Change UK project failed

  • The "huge affection" he holds for Anna Soubry despite her criticisms of him on Acting Prime Minister

Paul Brand heard Chuka Umunna's plans for power in Westminster. Credit: ITV News
  • The incident with his daughter which fuelled his drive to stop Brexit

  • Why he believes it is still fashionable to have modern liberal values

  • His take on the possibility of a Remain alliance at the next election

  • Why he would visit France first as PM

  • Why "naughty food" is his secret downfall

Acting Prime Minister has put guests ranging from Jacob Rees-Mogg and Jess Phillips to Ben Fogle and Bobby Norris in power and asked the question: "What would you do now?"

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Acting Prime Minister offers politicians and public figures the keys to power then asks: 'What would you do now?' Credit: ITV News