Artist transforms football stadium into lush forest to highlight deforestation dangers

A football stadium in Klagenfurt has been turned into Austria's biggest open-air art installation, as commentary on the effects of climate change.

Hundreds of trees have been planted in the middle of Wörthersee Football Stadium in Klagenfurt, Austria, transforming it into a magnificent forest.

Klaus Littmann hoped to draw attention to deforestation and the dangers of climate change. Credit: AP

It was the vision of artist and curator Klaus Littmann, who hoped to draw attention to climate change and deforestation.

The project – named 'The Unending Attraction of Nature' - was inspired by a drawing from 1970 by Max Peintner of the same name, which shows people watching a forest like a football game in a stadium.

Max Peintner's “The Unending Attraction of Nature” (1970/71). Credit: Max Peintner

Mr Littman said he twisted Mr Peintner's dystopian vision into a modern statement to 'put it in a new context'.

“Maybe one day we will have only the chance to see nature in a space like this – in a stadium; so that what we do already with animals in a zoo,” he said.

“We take something from daily life and put it in a new context. And that means that when people come in here – that's what I think will happen – that they will have a completely new view of that what they see."

The stadium is open from 10am to 10pm so that visitors can experience the forest day and night. Credit: AP