Vincent Kompany praised for tackling homelessness in testimonial match

Vincent Kompany's poor luck with injuries has struck again, ruling the former Manchester City captain out of his own testimonial.

The four-time Premier League winner was due to say farewell to the club by playing in a star-studded friendly at the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday evening.

But, much in keeping with the latter half of his City career, the defender has been curtailed by a muscular problem, this time a hamstring issue.

During his 11 years at Etihad he cemented a place in the club and the city.

It was his testimonial match where he has promised the money it raises will go the homeless charity he set up.

Vincent Kompany and his kids on the pitch prior to the beginning of the Vincent Kompany Testimonial at the Etihad Stadium. Credit: PA

He told football fans: "It's going to a great cause what we are achieving here today, thank you for coming in such great numbers."

With his captain badge on Kompany led his team to four league titles.

But off the pitch he made it his mission to eradicate homelessness in Manchester, setting up his own charity and attending fundraising events.

All the proceeds from his testimonial year will help people like Bernard, who up until a few weeks ago was living on the streets.

Bernard was living on the streets a few weeks ago and today he's at the Vincent Kompany testimonial match. Credit: ITV News

He told ITV News: "He's helped Manchester out so much and you hear a lot about it and someone who cares about people on the streets and a lot of people don't understand what you go through."

Fans say Kompany is not like other top league footballers.

Charity trustee John Herstall told ITV News: "He's done what a lot of these multi-millionaire footballers haven't done.

"You see in this day and age, flash cars, big watches but you don't get that with Vincent."

Charity trustee John Herstall told ITV News Vincent Kompany is unlike other top professional footballers.

Like so often in his playing career, Kompany was watching from the sidelines on Wednesday night, ruled out of his own testimonial match through injury.

In the end it finished a draw, the Belgian international says he is so proud to have been at the Etihad for 11 years but Manchester tonight showed its appreciation for a man who did so much more for this city than just play football.