Costa Rican children saving the planet one tree at a time

Groups of children in Costa Rica are heading off into the rainforest to help save the planet with their bare hands, by planting trees.

They are taking part in a project called "Kids Saving the Rainforest" which aims to educate the next generation, while replenishing the country's reserve of trees.

So far they have planted more than 20,000 trees in a bid to combat deforestation.

Jennifer Rice, co-founder of the project explains how her nine-year-old daughter inspired the scheme.

"We started this project because of my daughter and her best friend, we were living in the rainforest of Costa Rica and we noticed that the rainforest was disappearing around them and they wanted to save it".

Rice wanted children to be able to know which tree they were adopting when donating to the charity so they would use plaques to identify each tree.

"They started planting one tree at a time and each tree they planted, a sapling, when they had it grow big enough to where we took it elsewhere and we would put plaques with names on it of whoever adopted that tree."

But Rice added that's no longer possible "Now, we've planted so many trees, 24,000, that we use GPS to track our trees."