Migrants in France left facing the unknown due to planned camp demolition

Families including young children are facing an uncertain future due to the planned demolition of a migrant camp in Dunkirk.

Those living at the Espace Jeunes du Moulin gym are expecting eviction in the coming weeks.

The residents, many of whom have travelled from Iraq to the site, attempt to make a daily journey to the United Kingdom.

Mohammed, right, with a family friend. Credit: ITV News

One of those facing the prospect of a perilous journey to England is six-year-old Mohamed Youssif.

The child from Iraq has a blood disorder and chronic kidney failure, with his family claiming he needs a transplant.

Mohamed needs to take a plethora of medication and has received treatment in Germany, as well as France, but his family feel the need to get him to the UK.

Too sick to play with the other children, Mohamed spends his days in a tent on the site.

The site is set to be demolished. Credit: ITV News

Authorities have estimated there are close to 1,200 people in the gym but charity workers think the number is closer to 800, most of whom will try to cross the England.

"Children are having to make these crossings multiple times at the moment, many failing into the water having to be pulled back in, returned to French territory, it's an incredibly traumatic experience," says Maddy Allen from Help Refugees.

Eighty-six migrants were intercepted on Tuesday as they attempted to cross The Channel.

The crossing across the Channel from France has proved deadly on at least two occasions and the coming winter months - and the continued political uncertainty in the UK - will only make the perilous journey even more difficult but they will still make it to reach their planned destination.