Monday's front pages: Iran and US war of words, 'Infantile Hulk' Boris Johnson and Rod Stewart's good cancer news

A variety of stories make the front pages at the start of the working week – from more moves on Brexit through to trouble in the Middle East.

The Times leads with unrest between the United States and Iran – after Washington accused Tehran of launching drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities.

The Financial Times carries the financial implications to the attack which has seen production levels halve.

The Daily Telegraph runs with Brexit, and carries a column from Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying he wants to “get this thing done”, adding there were “real signs of movement” on the Irish backstop.

The Guardian carries reaction to Mr Johnson comparing himself to the Incredible Hulk alongside an investigation which suggests a rise in children linked to county lines gangs.

Metro puts the Hulk story front and centre – with Guy Verhofstadt calling Mr Johnson “infantile” after making the comparison.

The Daily Mirror reports that music star Rod Stewart has “beaten” prostate cancer.

The Sun reports that guests who meet the Queen have been asked not to talk about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The Daily Mail reports “hundreds of thousands” of crimes are “written off” by police 24 hours after being reported.

And the Daily Star reports clowns have faced a downturn in business after horror films have left parents scared of hiring them.