'We are not a single issue party' - Jo Swinson defends new Lib Dem policy of revoking Article 50

Jo Swinson has defended her party policy of revoking Article 50 - effectively stopping the Brexit process - saying people will know what they are voting for if they back the Liberal Democrats in a General Election.

In an interview with ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston, Ms Swinson also insisted she is not the leader of a single issue party.

At the suggestion the party had morphed into the anti-Brexit Party - as opposed to Nigel Farage's Brexit Party - she said: "We are not a single issue party, we are a party with more than a century of liberal heritage.

"And we want to create an open, fair and inclusive society."

Ms Swinson was speaking during the party's national conference in Bournemouth, where the new policy to revoke Article 50 was announced.

Voters at the conference voted overwhelmingly to back her policy, but Lib Dem MP Sir Norman Lamb was among a few to condemn it.

Defending the policy to Peston, Ms Swinson said: "Our position is based on what we think is right, it's based on our values and our principles."

She added: "In reality people want to know what you stand for, and I am saying very clearly what the Liberal Democrats stand for and giving people the chance to vote for it."

Aside from policy, the Lib Dem conference has seen the unveiling of Sam Gyimah as its newest MP, who joined after having the Tory whip removed.And Ms Swinson suggested more defecting MPs may join her party, saying her "door is always open" to welcome new colleagues.

She added she is "absolutely having conversations" with MPs considering joining the Lib Dems, but would not reveal any identities.

The East Dunbartonshire MP has faced pressure from across the Commons and from within her own party following the announcement that Liberal Democrats support revoking Article 50.

Lib Dem veteran Mr Lamb, who is a member of newly formed 'MPs for a Deal' - a new group advocating for the return of a version of Theresa May's Brexit deal - warned of a "real danger" of losing voter trust.

Norman Lamb (C), is a member of 'MPs for a Deal, along with former Tory Rory Stewart and Labour MP Caroline Flint. Credit: PA

"I don’t feel personally that there are enough people out there trying to find ways to re-unite our country," Sir Norman told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

"I think that the polarisation that we are seeing is incredibly dangerous. I think we are playing with fire in many ways."

Mr Lamb previously said proposing to cancel Brexit without a referendum would leave half the country "angry and feeling that the social contract has been broken".