Plenty of politics ahead this week despite suspension of Parliament

The Brexit deadline is October 31 Credit: PA

Boris Johnson may have prorogued Parliament but this week is set to be key in the Brexit process, with more drama expected at home and abroad.

In any case, MPs could be back in the Commons as early as tuesday, when a Supreme Court ruling is expected on the legality of suspending Parliament.

  • Days to go

49, if Brexit comes on the latest deadline of October 31.

However, if opposition MPs get their way, they are asking for a three month Brexit extension - should the prime minister not win a deal.

  • What will happen this week?

Monday sees Prime Minister Johnson head to Luxembourg for talks with European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.

The discussion comes amid an impasse on Brexit – with the European side wedded to the imposition of a backstop on the Irish border, and Mr Johnson deeming this unacceptable.

The meeting follows the suspension of the UK Parliament last week – but before the prorogation could take place MPs pushed through a law which dealt a blow to Mr Johnson’s plans to leave on October 31 “do or die”.

The so-called Benn Bill would require Mr Johnson to seek a further extension if no deal is in the offing.

The prime minister is heading to Luxembourg to meet European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker. Credit: PA

However, Mr Johnson said he believed “passionately” that a deal can be struck.

Despite the prime minister's optimism, laid bare in a Daily Telegraph column, many commentators see his chances at gaining major concessions rather slim.

While the EU has said it is open to backstop alternatives, Mr Johnson is yet to present them with any concrete proposals.

Away from politics and into the courts, and Tuesday sees the Supreme Court hearing appeals about whether the decision to suspend Parliament was legal after a Scottish court said it was unlawful.

  • What else is happening?

The Liberal Democrat conference continues in Bournemouth with recent defector Chuka Ummuna due to take to the stage on Monday and leader Jo Swinson delivering her speech on Tuesday.

Party members voted overwhelmingly in favour of writing the revocation of Article 50 into the party’s next election manifesto.

The Labour party begin their conference in Brighton on Friday where the Opposition may look at how it would campaign were a second referendum to be held.