Why England squad is punished daily in underground car park as Rugby World Cup nears

  • Video report by ITV News Sports Editor Steve Scott

For one of the best teams in the world making final preparations for the biggest moment in their professional lives, it’s perhaps not quite what you’d expect.

England’s gym sessions are being carried out in a section of an underground car park in the bowels of their beach resort basecamp in Japan.

Concealed from public view, this makeshift torture chamber is adjacent to their training pitch which itself is protected from prying eyes.

Behind sheets of white tarpaulin, scattered in between the heavy lifting machinery, giant fans work away to create some sort of breeze in this sticky, airless environment.

But don’t be fooled, this set up is exactly what Eddie Jones is after.

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Four years ago, before the World Cup in England when he was Japan’s head coach, he used exactly the same location for his pre-tournament preparations.

It’s not sentiment that’s brought him back here but the climate. Deep in Japan’s south, Miyazaki is very hot and very, very humid.

It provides the extreme end of conditions England are likely to face in the coming weeks and while this unforgiving heat may push body and lungs to the limit now, the players will undoubtedly benefit come match days.

The players are working hard in extreme conditions.

Some of England’s giant forwards are losing a staggering 6kg of fluids during one 80-minute training session.

Successful rehydration techniques will be key to keeping the legs pumping and mind working in the heat of battle.

Some England forwards are losing 6kg of fluids during the workouts.

Since they’ve arrived, Jones has encouraged his squad to embrace local culture.

While winning the World Cup is of course the priority, the head coach believes his charges should enjoy the experience of being here too.

Players have been to a local support school, given archery a go, played golf and even gone paddle boarding.

Tonight they attended their official welcoming ceremony at Miyazaki’s city hall.

There was traditional and not so traditional music (Swing Lo is seldom heard in these parts), there was a presentation and of course a welcome speech from the city’s Governor.

Nothing is being left to chance for Eddie Jones' squad.

England actually leave here on Wednesday for Sapporo, the venue for their first group game against Tonga at the weekend.

No one is expecting anything other than a handsome England victory on Sunday, but Jones is all too aware that the World Cup will throw up at least one shock result.

He masterminded the biggest of those in history when Japan beat South Africa in 2011, so will be counselling his squad against complacency here.

Eddie Jones is back in familiar territory to prepare the England squad for the Rugby World Cup. Credit: PA

The last thing he needs is to be on the wrong end of the type of ignominy he inflicted on the Springboks; that is why he’s leaving nothing to chance and that is why England’s squad is being punished daily under the unrelenting Miyazaki sun.