The only golden arches you'll find in Rutland are at Oakham Castle.

Currently, it's the only county in England which does not have a McDonald's, and that is how some residents want it to stay.

However, this could all be about to change after the fast-food chain submitted plans for a drive-through on Oakham's bypass.

Yet the town prides itself on its independent shops and restaurants.

Rutland is a largely rural county in England. Credit: ITV News

Many Rutland residents feel that there would be plenty of unhappy meals, should the American giant come to their county.

"I think it would be a shame to have a McDonald's here, because it's a small place and I think we should keep it local," one woman told ITV News.

"I think it should stay McDonald's-free," another added.

Yet not everyone is up in arms over the proposals.

"I'm ambivalent really, I wouldn't be there with placards if they did come," one resident told ITV News.

People in Oakham are mixed about whether a McDonald's should open. Credit: ITV News

"I was quite proud a few years ago, and I still am to be honest, to be able to turn around and say 'Rutland does not have a McDonald's'," Councillor Adam Lowe told ITV News.

"But the people who I represent have turned around to me and said: 'yeah, we'd like a McDonald's'."

Councillor Adam Lowe has changed his mind about the proposals. Credit: ITV News

McDonald's say the creation of a new branch in Rutland would bring "jobs" and "investment" to the community, and that they "look forward to progressing with our application".

A spokesperson continued that following two exhibitions on the proposals earlier in the year, "the majority of the feedback provided was either positive or neutral, with the most frequently cited reason for support centred around increased employment opportunities".

While there are currently more than 1,300 branches of McDonald's across the UK, not everyone has been loving it.

A McDonald's branch was forced out of Tavistock in Devon in 2006, following a campaign by locals.

The chain pulled out of plans for a new restaurant in Newcastle in 2016 after opposition, while there is an ongoing campaign against a drive-through which is under construction in Bristol.

Rutland County Council said they are still "considering" the application and a "recommendation has not yet been made".