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Nicky Morgan tells Robert Peston she will remain in Government in the event of no-deal Brexit

The Culture Secretary previously said she would vote to remain in a second referendum. Credit: ITV Peston

Cabinet minister Nicky Morgan is adamant she will remain in the Government even in the event of a no-deal Brexit, despite previously saying she would vote to remain in a second referendum.

Despite backing Remain in the referendum the Culture Minister said the UK must leave the EU on October 31, in order to end the uncertainty currently surrounding the UK's departure date and the effect this is having on businesses.

"I have been working with all my Cabinet colleagues and ministers across the summer on no-deal preparations, we are more prepared than people think we are and I would much prefer a deal," Ms Morgan said.

Adding: "I just don't think we can carry on as we have done for the past three years, everyone needs to know where we stand."

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The Loughborough MP added she was "surprised" to be asked to join Boris Johnson's Cabinet, given that she backed Remain.

Ms Morgan also told ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston she was unhappy with the PM's decision to withdraw the whips from 21 Tory MPs.

"I was sorry to see Amber go, Jo to go and also see the 21 MPs go," she added.

Former Tory MP Sam Gyimah said the Conservatives have "changed beyond recognition" since David Cameron.

Mr Gyimah, who was a Conservative MP for 20 years and is now a Liberal Democrat MP said Mr Johnson has driven out moderate voices.

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He told Robert Peston: "I'm proud of what I did working under David Cameron...but it's a new time, there's an election coming and we have a situation where moderate voices are not being heard."

He added: "Now if you're ambitious in the Tory Party you have to believe in no-deal Brexit."

When asked about his Brexit stance, he said: "If we're going into an election then the Liberal Democrats will revoke Article 50."