Acting Prime Minister: Caroline Lucas on updating Parliament, Britain's nuclear 'shame' and what stops her going vegan

The latest guest to take power in the new series of the ITV News podcast Acting Prime Minister is former Green Party leader and co-leader Caroline Lucas.

The MP for Brighton Pavilion had some strong words to say, including on Brexit as she criticised the Lib Dems for their "arrogant" and "dangerous" pledge to stop Article 50.

In the conversation with ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand she decried the British government's failure to support UN-led efforts to ban nuclear weapons as "shameful" - while outlining what she would do in power.

That includes a major overhaul of "useless" Parliament as she explained why she would not just modernise it but take it out of London for good.

Watch above or listen to the full episode to also hear:

  • Why she finds being the only Green MP "exhausting"

  • Her reluctance to stand down Green candidates without a fair Remain election pact

  • Why The Green New Deal is top of her priority list

  • Whether she would make the Parliament menu all-vegetarian

  • Why Briton needs universal basic income and free bus travel

  • The Nordic inspiration which guides her work

Paul Brand spoke to Caroline Lucas in her office in Westminster. Credit: ITV News
  • The reason she would implement a four-day week

  • Why she thinks climate change isn't being taken seriously enough

  • Which 'West Wing' character she would appoint to her cabinet

  • Why air travel needs overhauling but she doesn't blame people who fly

  • Why she wouldn't dream of comparing herself to a superhero

Acting Prime Minister has put guests ranging from Jacob Rees-Mogg and Jess Phillips to Ben Fogle and Bobby Norris in power and asked the question: "What would you do now?"

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Acting Prime Minister offers politicians and public figures the keys to power then asks: 'What would you do now?' Credit: ITV News