Britain set for one last blast of summer before autumn beds in on Monday

Saturday is set to be a hot day for the UK. Credit: Met Office

Temperatures are expected to rise into the mid twenties this weekend as high pressure stays in control for a few more days.

By day, there’ll be plenty of sunshine and not a great deal of wind; which will add to the warmer feel, and by night it’ll be relatively clear and chilly, especially in rural areas.

Temperatures should hit 23C in the south this afternoon and by Saturday could touch 26C.

The upcoming days will feel like summer. Credit: Met Office

The climb in temperature will happen as the high pressure drifts out further east, turning the wind direction southeasterly, pulling warmer air up from Southern Europe.

It won’t just be a southern affair. Inland parts of Northern Scotland are likely to see highs of 23C during the next couple of days.

Wet weather will make its way by Sunday. Credit: Met Office

By Saturday night conditions will breakdown as low pressure swings in from the west bringing unsettled and wet weather eastwards throughout Sunday and into next week which sees the official start to autumn.