Cameron on Bercow: I used to wonder what he would do to make my life hell today

John Bercow, left, and David Cameron Credit: Yui Mok/Hannah Mackay/PA

David Cameron has said he woke up daily wondering what John Bercow would do “to make my life hell today”.

The former prime minister did offer some praise of the outgoing and controversial Commons Speaker for having the tendency to “empower” backbenchers during his finest moments.

But Mr Cameron – during his media blitz ahead of the publication of his memoirs, For The Record – told LBC’s Nick Ferrari that he was at times baffled by Mr Bercow’s actions.

“I almost, sort of, got out of bed every morning and thought, whatever John Bercow, whatever the Speaker can do to make my life hell today, he will do,” Mr Cameron said.

“You know, things were done sometimes, you scratch your head and thought, hold on, where the hell did that one come from?”

The Tory also discussed his relationship with Michael Gove, who served in Mr Cameron’s Cabinet but campaigned for Brexit against the party line, and his wife Sarah Vine, a Daily Mail journalist.

Mr Cameron has hit out against Mr Gove, who is now Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson for behaving “appallingly” in the EU referendum campaign.

But Ms Vine praised the Camerons as “dear friends” in Wednesday’s newspaper and urged some reconciliation.

After reading the article, Mr Cameron said “a lot of water has flown under the bridge” and suggested they could make amends, adding: “I want to try.”