Cross-party group of MPs see at first-hand the damage to Saudi oil plants

A cross party group of MPs have visited the Saudi Aramco sites hit last week in a wave of missile and drone strikes describing what they saw as a brazen attack.

The group visited the site as an international investigation goes on to establish who carried out the attack.

Their visit came as Prime Minister Boris Johnson placed the blame on Iran and confirmed the government would consider sending additional British troops to secure the region.

Conservative MPs Tobias Ellwood, Royston Smith and Marcus Fysh joined Independent MP John Woodcock and the Liberal Democrat peer Baroness Northover at the invitation of the Saudi government.

After viewing the damage Mr Ellwood insisted it was right British troops were available to secure the region if needed.

“What’s happened here with Saudi Arabia, is a country which provides 10% of the world’s oil has been attacked and if they request help Britain is willing to stand forward and provide that help.”

“It’s important we keep the British public with us and they understand this is separate from what is going on in Yemen,” he said.

Yemen's Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for the drone attack. Credit: AP

He added, “If we want to make sure we don’t see other attacks we need to ensure Saudi Arabia is properly protected but we need to encourage the United States and other countries to work together to reduce tensions here in the Middle East.”

Around 25 missiles and drones caused significant damage ten days ago crippling oil output by 60%. Production has now increased.

The attack was initially claimed by Houthi rebels fighting against Saudi Arabia in Yemen however a growing international consensus blames Iran for the attacks.