Parliament to sit almost to Queen’s Speech on October 14

Parliament will now sit until very shortly before the Queen’s Speech on October 14.

It will be prorogued again, but only for a day or two immediately before October 14 so that preparations can be made for the Queen’s Speech.

One outstanding question is whether MPs will allow a short recess early next week to permit the Tories to hold their annual conference, or whether MPs will feel the need to punish the Tories for the unlawful decision to send them home.

Senior members of the government tell me neither Boris Johnson or his senior aides led by Dominic Cummings will use his humiliation by the judges to launch an attack on a Remainer elite allegedly trying to frustrate Brexit.

"We have to behave in a calm and dignified way," said one.

Later today there will either be a Cabinet meeting by phone or a briefing by phone of full cabinet if PM cannot be on line.

The PM is expected to fly home overnight tonight, a few hours earlier than planned, so that he can be in Parliament tomorrow.