Met Office issues weather warnings as flooding hits England

Heavy rain has caused flooding in the Midlands, with other weather warnings issued across the country.

The Met Office has issued weather warnings across much of England and Wales today due to the heavy rainfall.

At least one vehicle has been stranded and submerged after flooding in Birmingham city centre.

South and City College students in the city were marooned on the steps after a stream burst its banks.

West Midlands Ambulance Service were filmed trying to reach people who were affected by the flooding.

In Yorkshire, a number of athletes taking part in the World U23 cycling championships fell of their bikes.

At 9am on Tuesday, the Environment had issues two flood warnings fo south-west England and 27 flood alerts across the rest of the country.

A Met Office forecaster said 48mm of rain had falled in parts of Hampshire in six hours, while mid-Dorset experienced 36.4mm.

England and Wales can expect 30-50mm of rain today, with up to 70mm in isolated spots, the Met Office said.

"There is likely to be disruption throughout central and southern England this morning," Mr Miall said.

"I would expect quite a lot of surface water flooding on the roads. That will cause some disruption to people travelling, so you can expect journey times to be delayed."

Mr Miall said an area stretching from Liverpool down to the south-east coast is at risk of seeing between 15mm and 30mm of rain fall within "a couple of hours" this morning.

Vehicles go through a partially flooded road near Colnbrook, West London. Credit: PA

The Travel Dorset Twitter account, run by Dorset Council, said there has been reports of "deep flooding" in parts of Dorchester this morning.

Meanwhile, the Environment Agency has two flood warnings in place for the River Frome between Maiden Newton and Dorchester, in Dorset, south west England.

Rain is predicted for much of England and Wales on Tuesday. Credit: PA

It said flooding "is expected" along the river between 8am and 6pm today.

A further 27 flood alerts, where flooding "is possible", have been issued for rivers in the South East, East Midlands and North West of England.

The downpour is being brought by a burst of low pressure travelling across the UK, along with warm and humid air linked to the remnants of Hurricane Humberto which hit the Bermuda coastline last week.

The wet weather is due to move further north in the afternoon. However, another band of rain is forecast to hit the South West of England and Wales, Mr Miall said.

Tuesday's weather warning is set to last until 11pm and although the heavy rain is expected to clear by Wednesday, a low-pressure front is expected to remain for the rest of the week.

This will bring bright and breezy weather to the UK along with some showers or prolonged spells of rain.

Tuesday’s weather warning is set to last until 11pm. Credit: PA

Temperatures could rise to the low 20s, which is slightly warmer than average for early autumn.

The norm for this time of year is in the mid-to-high teens.

Yellow weather warnings were also in place in some places during the weekend, with scattered thundery showers on Sunday afternoon.