Wednesday’s front pages are filled with reactions to the judicial response of Parliament’s proroguing and views on Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The Daily Mail says Mr Johnson has “declared war on the judiciary” over its decision, while Leader of the House Jacob Rees-Mogg has hit out at a “constitutional crisis”.

The Times reports the Prime Minister was flying “back to chaos” from New York and also notes Mr Rees-Mogg’s stance.

The Daily Express appears to show support for the Prime Minister, noting Britain voted to exit the European Union, and adding “What’s lawful about denying 17.4m Brexit!”

Mr Johnson was facing “calls to resign” over the “unlawful” proroguing, according to the Financial Times, with the i newspaper saying that the “humiliated” leader was refusing to step down.

But Metro shows a feisty Prime Minister, who has received the backing of US President Donald Trump, and reports Mr Johnson has “issued an ultimatum to MPs to try getting rid of him if they could”.

“There’s a special place in history waiting for you, Prime Minister”, reports the Daily Mirror, alongside photos of Mr Johnson and the six shortest-serving British premiers.

The Guardian leads with a headline stating the Prime Minister “misled the Queen, the people and parliament”, while The Independent‘s front page features a quote from the judiciary’s summary judgement of the suspension.

The Daily Telegraph says Mr Johnson will attempt to force a general election this week in the wake of the court’s decision.

And the Daily Star features a notable lack of Brexit on its front page, instead reporting on some “Snobs” who stopped a children’s game of football because the referee was deemed to be “too loud”.