Boiling point: Front pages reflect stormy Brexit debate

Boris Johnson has been variously described as “defiant” and without shame across Thursday’s front pages.

The Prime Minister is the “Man with no shame” who “refuses to say sorry for his lies”, the Daily Mirror reports.

The Financial Times leads with a “defiant” PM who it says is preparing for a general election after he “brushed off” the Supreme Court’s decision.

The Daily Mail says a poll of readers has shown that voters want Parliament to “Give us an election now”.

The Guardian refers to “MPs’ fury as Johnson claims to speak for Britain on Brexit”, with the front page also noting the impeachment proceedings surrounding US President Donald Trump.

A “furious” Mr Johnson has urged Remainer MPs “to topple him and force a ‘day of reckoning’ at the ballot box”, according to the Daily Express.

The Sun continues with the PM’s challenge by saying he has “dared” a “scared” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn over the prospect of an election, and features a photo of Royal baby Archie being kissed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in South Africa.

The Daily Telegraph quotes the PM as saying “Parliament must stand aside or face its day of reckoning” with the electorate.

The Independent says Mr Johnson was found to have acted unlawfully but was “handed a hero’s welcome by Tory MPs”.

Meanwhile, Mr Johnson has been “accused of using violent language” as the “Commons hits boiling point”, The Times reports, with the i repeating the latter line.