Food vouchers sent to former Thomas Cook workers

Emergency food vouchers are being sent to desperate former Thomas Cook workers.

Today the travel industry's charity, ABTA Lifeline Trust, said it has been "inundated" as redundant staff seek help.

For some in immediate need, help to buy essentials is now being provided.

In contrast to the public anger over bosses and their bonuses, there has been a wave of sympathy for staff.

Around 9,500 people worked for the travel group in the UK - spread across airline, resorts and shops.

Thomas Cook bosses have been criticised for taking huge bonuses. Credit: PA

The charity is also offering financial advice, alongside re-training for the workers.

It says it is taking calls from people having problems paying mortgages, rents and food bills - with some of them being in tears.

The government has launched its own task force to assist former Thomas Cook staff.

The group includes ministers, trade unions and regional mayors.

It met for the first time on Thursday in Westminster and agreed plans to offer help through the benefit system via "rapid reaction" unit.

The charity is collecting donations through its JustGiving page.