Amy McKeown: What I learned from my miscarriage

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Mother-to-be Amy McKeown didn't think anything could go wrong at her 12-week scan but when the room changed from a "really happy excitement" to a "quiet shock" she learned that she had miscarried.

Amy was whisked away from A&E to the Early Pregnancy Unit where she decided to miscarry her child at home with the support of her partner.

"The next week that followed was possibly the worst week of my life in that you are pregnant but that you know that the baby has died and that you’re going to go into labour at any point," Amy told ITV News.

The following months left Amy bedridden and unable to work after becoming severely ill and haemorrhaging after labour.

And when she was well enough to return to her job, she was hit by a round of redundancy cuts.

Amy said: "Obviously this was a total blow in that I was physically and mentally unwell."

Now with two happy and healthy children, Amy is working with Maternity Action and Pregnant then Screwed to protect families from losing their jobs so soon after tragedy.

Amy said: "We don't really talk about or understand how to support people who've been through that.

"We can make so much change as a society already by just humanity towards our fellow human beings whether that’s at work or our friends and family."

The Miscarriage Association are a UK based charity who provide help to anyone affected by the loss of a baby in pregnancy.

For more information visit their website or phone 01924 200799.

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