• Video report by ITV News Africa correspondent Penny Marshall

Meghan is having an impact in the places she goes here in South Africa.

In particular, after describing herself as a "woman of colour" and "your sister" her message has resounded in both Cape Town and Johannesburg the two cities she has visited.

Her private tribute to the murdered Cape Town university student Uyinene Mrwetyana was seen as particularly touching after she left her message in the South Africa Xosa language.

She comes as levels of violence against women have reached a crisis but also a societal tipping point.

The Duchess of Sussex visits the University of Johannesburg on Tuesday. Credit: PA
Meghan ties ribbon at memorial to murdered student in ‘personal gesture’. Credit: PA

Young women have taken to the streets demanding respect and better treatment in the criminal justice system.

Many perpetrators here go unpunished and whilst crimes against women can take place with impunity women here aren’t safe.

The Duchess of Sussex during her visit to the University of Johannesburg on Tuesday. Credit: PA

The "me too" movement here is for many a matter of life and death.

Meghan today places herself alongside the women here.

She talked of the "patriarchy" of the tragedy of school girls not being safe at school or at home and of the need to bring men onside to implement change.

Spectators watch the Duchess of Sussex during her visit to the University of Johannesburg. Credit: PA

In the two cities she has visited the message was heard, but in the poor rural areas in this vast country it may not have been.

Meghan’s contribution has been important but she has been talking to those willing to listen.

Change will only come when those hard to reach communities are forced to hear the message and women can walk more safely on the streets here.