Car with bizarre bubbles on front tyre stopped on school run in Derby

A road-side officer was shocked to stop a driver after noticing a bizarre tyre filled with bubbles during the school run in Derby.

The driver was pulled over as they dropped their children off at school in Normanton by a member of Derby City Council's public protection team.

After inspecting the front tyre, the officer advised the motorist to head to a nearby garage to have a new tyre fitted.

It is unclear exactly how the bubbles came into the tyre but the AA, a British motoring association, told ITV News that bubbles can often form through "neglect and lack of maintenance on the car."

The AA said air bubbles can often form from poor maintenance. Credit: Derby City Council

Luke Bosdet, an AA spokesman, told ITV News: "There is a real danger that a tyre like this could blow and not only endanger the driver but also other road users which could potentially be pretty lethal."

He added: "A tyre that has air bubbles like this is often formed because they are so old, they've been banged up against curbs and essentially it's down to neglect and lack of maintenance."

"This is a prime example of someone who hasn't bothered to check their tyre or the depth of their tyre tread," he said.

He said: "The reality is badly maintained cars are the major cause of break downs."

When asked what drivers should do to combat this, he said: "Drivers should be checking their tyres at least every fortnight or every week depending on their mileage."