A CAR insurance scammer known as a ‘ghost broker’ - who sells fake cover to young drivers to get around steep premiums - says his con has raked him in up to £60,000 in a month.

In an exclusive interview for ITV’s Tonight programme, ‘Car Insurance: Costs and Cons?’, investigative reporter Paul Connolly heads to South London to meet ‘Mr G’, who says his work is the ‘usual Instagram insurance scam’.

The con man says he has invested in Bitcoin as well as offshore real estate and bank accounts, so British courts won’t be able to seize his assets if he’s arrested.

"My best month I’ve taken home 60 grand, but I’ve had months as well where I ain’t took home nothing, you know what I mean, but my best definitely 60 grand."

'Mr G', Ghost Broker

The fraudster targets young people aged between 18 and 24 who struggle get affordable insurance. He blames his fraud on insurance companies, saying they should lower their prices so people won’t be tempted by his scams.

“With young people, they’re very young and naive, and when they see (the offer) they think about the money. So, what do they do, they look for options - I’m their option.”

'Mr G', Ghost Broker

Like a legitimate broker, ghost brokers buy car insurance policies on behalf of others.

But ghost brokers give the insurer false details that cut the cost of premiums - such as claiming the car is kept in a garage overnight, or changing the driver’s age and occupation.

The ghost broker then alters the insurance documents they receive, then passes them to their clients in exchange for a large fee. Some ghost brokers go as far as cancelling the policy and pocketing the refund for themselves.

Ghost brokers charge hundreds of pounds for their services. But young drivers are happy to pay up, as some believe they can save thousands on their car insurance.

As a ghost broker buys a real insurance policy the driver and their car are entered into the motor insurance database, so the policy seems real when the driver checks it out.

The first time they realise they’ve been conned it’s too late - they’ve been in an accident and have to make a claim, or they’ve been stopped by the police for driving without insurance.Find out more in Tonight's 'Car Insurance: Costs and Cons?', on ITV at 7:30pm.