Homeless LA singer who stunned social media with opera voice 'offered record deal'

A homeless woman who stunned Los Angeles police with her breath-taking operatic voice has thanked the officer who recorded her singing after she was reportedly offered a record deal.

Emily Zamourka was filmed in a video, first shared on Saturday, showing her delivering a powerful rendition of a Puccini aria on a metro platform in LA.

The video has since had over one million views on Twitter and Ms Zamourka has reportedly been offered a record deal.

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said on Twitter they asked Zamourka what they could do for her after the city was captivated by her voice.

Emily Zamourka stunned police and viewers with her voice. Credit: LAPD HQ

The singer said she wanted to “thank Officer Frazier for taking the video”.

LAPD shared footage of the emotional encounter.

Ms Zamourka was filmed singing, with the sound of her voice reverberating through the station, as she stood on the platform at the Wilshire and Normandie Purple Line station with bags and a trolley.

Music producer Joel Diamond told TMZ he offered a recording contract to Zamourka in the hopes of making a “huge classical-EDM crossover hit record for the subway soprano”.

After the video was first shared online, KTLA, a local TV station, managed to track down the then mystery woman and identified her.

In an interview, Ms Zamourka told local TV station KTLA she came to the US at the age of 24, where she taught music and sang on the streets of LA until three years ago when someone stole her violin.

With no means to earn a living, she ended up homeless but now hopes that the record deal and the response to the video might spell a new start for her.