Some guys have all the luck as Sir Rod Stewart surprises couple at wedding that nearly didn't happen

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Richard Pallot

Some guys, as the saying (or song) goes, have all the luck, and that is exactly what happened for one Liverpool couple.

Sharon Cook and Andrew Aitchison feared they would never make it from Liverpool to Las Vegas for their wedding day after the Thomas Cook collapse.

But the couple were flown for free and given penthouse suites to enjoy their special day, and then things got even better for the Liverpudlians.

Not only did Sir Rod Stewart surprise them at their wedding, he also sang.

Sir Rod Stewart invited the bride for a song. Credit: ITV News

“I literally said ‘I do’ and there's Rod Stewart, I'm shocked,” Sharon said.

“I was like ‘what?’

"What a wonderful man, he has made me feel special, he said some lovely things to me and for him to take this time out and do that - wow.”

As the bride and groom completed their part of the ceremony, the MC announced before 16 guests a “very special guest” wanted to “personally congratulate” them.

The newlyweds almost never had a wedding at all. Credit: ITV News

Appearing with a microphone at Caesar's Palace, where he is currently performing on a residency, Sir Rod even invited the bride to join him for a singsong: “Come and stand next to me while I sing.”

“Who has a wedding like this? It nearly didn't happen and now [look],” said Andrew.