John McDonnell sets out Labour's plans to 'breathe new life' into the economy

John McDonnell will set out Labour's plans to rebuild the economy as he kicks off a UK-wide pre-election campaign tour in Essex.

The shadow chancellor will address the Road to Rebuilding the Economy conference during a visit to Colchester on Saturday.

Last week, Mr McDonnell pledged to deliver free personal care and reduce the working week to 32 hours within 10 years under a Labour government.

Ahead of the visit, he said people in Essex have been "let down badly" by the Conservative Government which has "inflicted over nine years of austerity on these communities".

"Our struggling high streets are one of the clearest symptoms of the Government's failure to invest in our communities," he said.

Labour will invest in Britain's struggling high streets. Credit: PA

"Labour's five-point plan for British high streets will help breathe life back into our struggling town centres," he went on.

"And Labour will deliver a fair deal for Essex's coastal communities.

"Labour's plan to introduce a Real Living Wage of £10 an hour by 2020 will boost pay for over half a million low paid jobs in the East of England."

Mr McDonnell added: "The next Labour government will introduce personal care free at the point of use in England, as part of our new National Care Service.

"We will increase income tax on the top 5%, the people who can afford it, who can pay a little bit more. But also tackle tax dodging and reverse some of the giveaways to the corporations.

"Labour will tax the rich and giant corporations to end austerity, properly fund public services free at the point of use, and rebuild our economy so it works for the many, not the few."

The one-day conference in Colchester will form part of a listening exercise to help develop the party's next manifesto, Labour said.