Unsuspecting thieves steal bag full of snakes

A reptile lover says thieves who made off with his holdall bag probably thought they were taking money - but it was actually full of snakes.

Brian Gundy, who breeds and sells reptiles through his business, For Goodness Snakes, had given a presentation at Martin Luther King Library in San Jose on Saturday and left his gear in a car park while retrieving his car.

When he returned, he found a bag containing three pythons and a lizard was gone.

In a video appeal, Mr Gundy said the theft was "very upsetting", adding "my biggest concern is the safety of the animals".

Wearing a snake around his neck, he continued: "Obviously, these people that took this bag from me… probably don’t know the first thing about taking care of snakes and lizards."

Mr Gundy later said two snakes had been found in a dustbin but he’s worried about the safety of the other reptiles.

He filed a police report and hopes the parking security video and help from the public will help catch the thieves.