Pilot and passenger in lucky escape as plane crashes into ski lift cables

A pilot and his passenger had a lucky escape when their plane collided with ski-lift cables in the Italian Alps.

Mountain rescue services were called to help the pair, aged 62 and 55, on October 6.

Pictures taken by rescuers show the plane dangling upside down from overhead cables on a hillside above Prato Valentino, around three hours north of Milan.

The plane can be seen caught in the ski lift cables high on the mountainside. Credit: CNSAS

Two helicopter ambulances attended the scene of the crash, which was on a steep and grassy mountainside.

The pilot, who was thrown from the plane as it collided with the wires, was transported to hospital in Sondalo. He is believed to have suffered light injuries.

The passenger was rescued by firefighters and mountain rescue personnel, the 55-year-old's condition is not currently known.

Two helicopters attended the scene to assist with rescue efforts. Credit: CNSAS

Last month, authorities in Italy were forced to evacuate a now at the foot of a glacier amid concerns expedited melting could see it collide with homes.

Earlier this year, a pilot in the USA had a lucky landing earlier this year as he came to a halt on a busy highway, narrowly missing cars and lorries as he made his descent.