Acting Prime Minister: Rosie Duffield overwhelmed by 'heartbreaking' responses to domestic abuse speech

Labour MP Rosie Duffield has told ITV News she has been overwhelmed with "heartbreaking" emails after an emotional speech she gave during a Domestic Abuse Bill debate in Parliament.

Speaking to ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand on his Acting Prime Minister podcast, the MP for Canterbury said: "I thought it might have a little bit of an impact but it’s gone mad."

A week on from the speech, which brought her colleagues close to tears, the MP confessed to "weeping" herself over the thousands of responses she has had.

The MP said: "I sort of end up reading them sometimes at kind of two, three in the morning and just weeping because some of the situations are horrific."

Asked by Brand if she put on a brave face as an MP, she agreed adding: "I was telling myself it would all get better and it would all be okay, it would all go back to how it was.

"You don’t know why someone is behaving that way or what made them switch and you’re just longing to get back to how it was and the good times."

The MP chose to highlight the issue in Parliament not knowing she would pick up the attention of the media.

She added: "Everyone’s always watching politicians as though they’re somehow, that they’re removed and they’re different but actually we’re ordinary people and we’ve gone through those things ourselves I thought it was important."

Paul Brand spoke to Rosie Duffield in her office in Westminster. Credit: ITV News

The party's show of support during this period of turmoil surprised the MP as she went on to explain why she thinks so many her colleagues have defected.

Ms Duffield said: "Given the state of politics at the moment, everyone is having doubts about all sorts of things."

A pressing issue she feels is splitting opinion and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency is anti-Semitism.

However, she claims Labour are stronger than the public may think, she added: "The other side are just as divided, if not worse actually.

"It does feel more unified now in the Labour Party than it has done, believe it or not but those messages aren't getting across."

The Labour MP also spoke about the need to tackle anti-semitism. Credit: ITV News

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