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Good Samaritan tracks down missing wallet's owner with ingenious method

Payments of 1p were made into Mr Cameron's account. Credit: Twitter/Tim Cameron

A Good Samaritan found a clever way to reconnect a lost wallet with its owner - by making donations of 1p with messages - into their bank account.

Tim Cameron dropped his bank cards and driver's licence when cycling home from his office in east London.

After reaching his north London home, he realised it was missing and started to retrace his steps.

Following a fruitless search, he logged into his online bank account to reassure himself no funds were missing.

Whilst there, he found money had in fact been added.

Mr Cameron spotted four 1p transactions, with different messages attached, they read:

  • Hi I found your
  • wallet in the road
  • mobile phone number
  • text or call

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The transactions and their messages led Mr Cameron to the person who had found the missing wallet: Simon Byford.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Mr Byford - who lives a short distance away from Mr Cameron - explained how he tracked the owner day.

"I had a little think about what information I had, and I had his bank cards.

"It’s an odd way of getting in touch but it was like trying to work out a puzzle, which I liked.

"I had a little bit of information about him but not enough."

Mr Cameron gave the Good Samaritan a bottle of wine by way of thanks for helping to solve the mystery so quickly.

Mr Byford reportedly later joked he still hadn't had his four pence back.

A tweet detailing the saga has since between retweeted more than 27,000 times.