Ex-IS recruiter tells ITV News she is being held by Syrian rebels after escaping detention camp

Hundreds of women who are accused of being supporters and recruiters for so-called Islamic State have been on the run, along with their children, since last Sunday, after finding a way to escape a detention camp in northern Syria.

The women and children are thought to have escaped from Ein Eissa after attacking guards and storming the gates in the camp which was controlled by Syrian Kurds, when Turkish forces launched an offensive nearby.

Just days before the Turkish incursion which facilitated their freedom, ITV News has been inside the camp.

There we found Tooba Gondal from London - she is accused of being a recruiter for so-called Islamic State.

On Thursday, through a series of voice notes, she contacted ITV News with information about where she is now and who she is with, after escaping the camp.

However, after only making it a few miles away from the camp, Gondal said she was picked up by a dozen Syrian rebel fighters and again held.

Contacting ITV News from a "safe house" the former IS recruiter said she wants help to get out of her present situation.

"I would like my situation to be in the news so more people know that I'm here and the government of Turkey can help me get out of here, get out from these, you know, this rebel group," she said.

ITV News met one of the ISIS devotees in a camp in Syria. Credit: ITV News

She said she is with Lisa Smith, a former flight attendant on the Irish government jet, who Gondal befriended in the camp after she too was imprisoned after being accused of supporting so-called Islamic State.

Gondal also asked ITV News to let Smith's family know that they should "not to worry, everything is fine".

"Any information you have update her family also because maybe they're also worried and concerned and don't have contacts and she's worried about them."

That message was followed by another; again a voice note but this one sounding more frantic than previous correspondence as she said she was being taken away from the "safe house" to an unknown location.

"I'm sending a voice note just so you know it is me and they are moving us right now," she revealed.

"Vans are ready and I don't know where they're taking us and I don't know what's going to happen.

"I don't know where to, I don't know when we can talk.

"Just need to offer us some help."

An escape from the chaos of the camp was what these women dreamed off.

Instead they find themselves caught in the anarchy outside.

Along with them children who have no choice in their destination, or their future.