Howzat! Prince William and Kate at the crease as royals join youngsters for cricket in Lahore

Prince William and Kate went all out as they tried their hand at Pakistan's national game with a brief stint at the crease.

The royal duo joined youngsters for a game of cricket at the National Cricket Academy in Lahore, as they enjoy the fourth day of their royal tour.

The Cambridges showed off their sporting abilities, taking turns hitting some soft balls.

There were cheers as the duke hit a six, while Kate was caught out twice after half a dozen balls on Thursday afternoon.

The competitive couple often face off against each other in sporting events, including at a sailing regatta in the summer.

After both taking a turn at the wicket, the couple high-fived the young boys and girls they were playing with on the pitch.

They joined children participating in the British Council’s Dosti programme, which promotes sport as a part of child development.

goes out to bat during a visit to see the British Council's DOSTI cricket programme. Credit: PA

There will be yet another reminder in Pakistan today of Princess Diana, on a Royal Tour for Prince William during which it’s been very difficult to avoid memories of his late mother.

William and Kate are travelling to Pakistan’s second biggest city, Lahore, and they will visit the children’s cancer hospital where Diana spent time in the mid-1990s.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital was set up by the one-time cricketer, and now Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan after his mother died from cancer.

Diana, who was good friends with Mr Khan’s then wife, Jemima Khan, travelled to Lahore in 1996 and 1997 where she met some of the most severely ill children and helped to raise funds for the hospital.

Like Diana, William and Kate will today go to one of the wards where they treat many children suffering from cancer.

For William, there have been reminders of his late mother at every turn this week.

William and Kate got down to child-level at the SOS Children's Village in Lahore. Credit: PA

Imran Khan spoke about his time with her when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met the Prime Minister on Tuesday.

In a speech at the Pakistan memorial that same evening, William talked about Diana’s visit - as well as his father’s and grandmother’s (that’s the Queen to you and I).

And on Wednesday in the Himalayas, Kate was given a traditional Chitral hat to wear which was the same as one Diana wore in Chitral in 1991.

Even many of the children William and Kate met in the Kalash village high up in the Hindu Kush are called Diana, after her visit nearly 30 years ago.

But, despite all of those reminders, the Prince doesn’t want this entire tour to be framed by his mother’s legacy.

It’s something William acknowledges he shares with his brother, but 22 years after Diana died, William and Kate want to make their own mark, walk on their own path and set their own priorities.

Pakistan premier Imran Khan meets William and Kate. Credit: PA

Today will not be a ‘walking in the footsteps’ moment as it was for Prince Harry in that Angolan minefield a few weeks ago.

Yes, the late Princess of Wales is very well known in Pakistan, and very highly regarded, but when should her children stop looking back and focus on the future?

The 20-year anniversary of Diana’s death in 2017 was meant to be a marker in the sand - the last time the boys would speak about their mother in public.

But as her sons and their wives travel the world, they will inevitably end up in countries, like here in Pakistan, where Diana’s legacy looms large.