US police officer rescues driver from car seconds before train smashes through vehicle

A US police officer is being hailed as a hero after he rescued an unconscious driver from a car just seconds before it was crushed by a train.

Dramatic dashcam footage captures the moment Ruben Correa, a Utah Highway Patrol Trooper, risked his life by rushing towards the car to pull the driver out.

Correa has been praised for reacting quickly and scrambling through a fence with a train in the distance before remarkably leaving with no injuries.

The damage done to the vehicle after being crushed by a train. Credit: NBC

As Correa rescued the man, his partner shouted to him: "We’ve got to get out of here, we’ve got a train coming!

"We’ve got a train coming! We’ve got a train coming!"

After the incident, Correa told NBC News that he was a lot closer to the train than he would have liked to have been.

Authorities have said the driver suffered a medical issue which caused him to be so close to the train tracks.

Ruben Correa, a Utah Highway Patrol Trooper, is still in disbelief over what happened. Credit: NBC News

The incident caused long delays to traffic as well as train services.

Correa said that he is still in disbelief as to what had happened.

He said: "I'm still trying to process everything that happened, I'm just very grateful that I was able to get him out and he's alive and he's back with his family now."