Mum of Britain’s biggest family reveals she is pregnant with her 22nd child

Britain’s largest family, the Radfords, are expecting another child Credit: David Parry/PA

Britain’s largest family have announced their brood is to expand even further with a new baby due next year – more than 30 years after their first child was born.

Sue Radford, 44, announced she is pregnant with her 22nd child to husband Noel, 48.

The couple, who have a baking business in Morecambe, Lancashire, revealed the news during a vlog posted on YouTube.

Mrs Radford said: “We wanted to keep it quiet for a little bit longer.

“But as I’m getting bigger and more of a bump, it’s getting a bit harder to hide.”

The video shows the couple, who are also grandparents, going for a scan on September 29 accompanied by their youngest children Phoebe, Archie and Bonnie.

In the video, Mrs Radford said: “Basically today we are going to see our new little baby.

“I am 12 weeks pregnant so we’re going to go and have a little peek at the new little Radford.

“The last scan was at eight weeks, and all was good.”

Her husband replied: “There’s only one (baby).”

The couple’s youngest child, Bonnie, was born in November 2018, with the new addition due in April next year.

Mrs Radford gave birth to first child, son Chris, in May 1989 when she was 14 years old.

They have had 11 boys and 10 girls in total, although son Alfie was stillborn in 2014.

In the family’s latest vlog, Mrs Radford said: “ I think (it’s a boy), I’m getting a ‘boy’ feeling.”

The family get through 100 pints of milk and 14 loaves of bread every week.