Sajid Javid: Budget will go ahead on November 6 - and Government still aiming for Halloween Brexit deadline

Sajid Javid confirmed the budget will go ahead on November 6 - and that the Government is still working to push through Brexit by October 31.

Appearing on Peston on Wednesday, the Chancellor said the Cabinet were committed to pushing through Brexit legislation, despite the defeat on Tuesday on the proposed Brexit timetable.

On the upcoming budget, the Chancellor confirmed the November 6 date was going ahead - despite earlier reports it may be delayed.

He told Peston: "When I announced the date, November 6, the only situation where there won't be a budget would be if there was a no-deal outcome - now we can't rule that out at this point, but we're on track to have a budget.

"The budget remains [November 6]. When it comes to Brexit, we are working as much and as hard as we can to still do that on October 31, despite what happened in parliament.

"It's just worth recalling that when the new government came into office some three months ago and Boris Johnson became prime minister, everyone said 'you're not going to be able to reopen this agreement, you're not going to be able to get rid of the backstop, you're not going to be able to reach a new deal'.

"But we've delivered on all three... This government achieved a Brexit deal, but then parliament decided to delay the deal. We can get it done by October 31."

'Perfectly possible' to get Brexit done by October 31

Mr Javid was undeterred by the government's defeat in the Commons after MPs voted down the three-day proposed timetable to push through Mr Johnson's Brexit deal.

People outside of the "Westminster village" were "sick and tired" of delays to the UK's departure from the EU.

He claimed the "aggressive" timetable would have given MPs time to read over scrutinise and add any amendments to the deal.

The Chancellor insisted the government was still trying to get Brexit agreed by October 31, "even if that means we have to sit Friday, Saturday, Sunday".

"We'll sit every hour of the day, that's what we need to do to deliver on October 31 and not have any more dither and delay," he said.

Also joining Peston on Wednesday night was Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP, Labour's Lisa Nandy MP, leading Conservative rebel Dominic Grieve MP and the Conservatives' Mark Francois MP.

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