Essex lorry deaths: What we know of the movements of the truck and trailer

As police continue to investigate the deaths of 39 Chinese nationals who perished in the back of a refrigerated lorry trailer, one of the key strands to the inquiry will be the route they - and it - took.

Authorities have now established the trailer was loaded on to a ferry at the Belgian port of Zeebrugge on the afternoon of October 22.

Meanwhile, the lorry cab was being driven from North Wales where it had arrived from Ireland.

So here's what we know so far of the timings involved:

Saturday, October 19:

The lorry cab arrives from Dublin in Holyhead, north Wales.

It is believed to be based in Northern Ireland, although the company is registered in Bulgaria.

Police have arrested the driver of the truck, who has been named by a raft of media sources as 25-year-old Mo Robinson, from Co Armagh.

Tuesday, October 22 - 2.49pm (local time):

The trailer arrives at the port of Zeebrugge.

According to inquiries in Belgium, the trailer "left the port the same day in the afternoon".

It's not clear exactly how long the trailer waited in the port before being loaded on to a freighter bound for England.

It's also not clear whether the Chinese people were already inside the trailer when it arrived or were smuggled inside during the period between arrival and departure.

The port of Zeebrugge in Belgium is a focal point of the widening inquiry. Credit: PA

Wednesday, October 23 - 12.30am (UK-time):

The Zeebrugge ferry arrives at Purfleet, Essex, where it is unloaded.

The trailer sits for a short while at the docks, awaiting transfer to a lorry.

October 23 - 1.05am:

The red Scania lorry picks up the trailer and drives off the port complex.

October 23 - 1.23am;

CCTV footage of the lorry and trailer being driven almost 20 minutes later in London Road, past a Texaco garage, in nearby Grays, heading towards the Waterglade Industrial Park in Eastern Avenue.

October 23 - 1.24am:

A second CCTV camera captures the lorry and trailer once more making its way down Motherwell Way, shortly before turning into the industrial estate.

It is parked on a side road on the estate.

October 23 - 1.40am:

East of England Ambulance Service receives an emergency call to the industrial park and responds with five ambulances, hazardous area response teams and a car from the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance.

Upon arrival, medics find all 39 people inside the trailer are dead.

Essex Police is called to the scene and the driver of the lorry is arrested.