Merry Brexmas! Newspapers dominated by talk of Christmas election

The papers round off the week by leading with the deaths of those who died inside a refrigerated lorry, and political jostling over Brexit.

The Daily Mirror says an “evil people-smuggling ring from China” is responsible for the 39 people who died inside the container.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told MPs to “back my December 12 election bid”, according to The Guardian, which also notes that those inside the lorry unit were “all Chinese”.

The Times says Labour is “in chaos” at the prospect of an election, and also reports that “anti-racism campaigners” have held a vigil outside the Home Office over the deaths of those inside the lorry container.

The Daily Telegraph says the PM has asked his opposite number in Labour to “End this nightmare” over Brexit and has challenged Jeremy Corbyn to a general election, a story the Financial Times covers, as do The Independent, the i and Metro.

The Daily Mail praises itself for “stunning triumphs” in campaigns on vaccines and Barclays not allowing cash withdrawals in post offices.

The Daily Express also gives itself kudos for a campaign, this time on a pharmaceutical treatment for cystic fibrosis.